10 Sensors your mobile phone has

There are a lot of sensors in a phone, like - accelerometer, ambient light sensor, magnetometer, gyroscope, proximity, barometer, thermometer, pedo

10 Sensors your mobile phone has

Mobile phones have changed very quickly in this decade. And all this is possible only due to advanced technology. And a very important component of this smart-mobile phone is its sensor. A smartphone uses a variety of sensors that help with different tasks.


The function of this sensor is to collect information about whether the phone is horizontal or vertical. Then when this information is sent to the phone’s operating system, the operating system works based on that information.


This sensor is usually placed near the PROXIMITY SENSOR on the outside of the phone. This sensor is currently seen in almost all phones. The function of this sensor is easily understood by looking at its name. That is, these sensors are used to measure the intensity of ambient light. However, these sensors are usually used to automatically control the brightness of the phone screen. This means that when the light around the phone is low, the light of the phone screen will also decrease and when the light around the phone increases, the light of the phone screen will also increase.


The function of this sensor is to work on the compass on the phone. If the phone does not have this MAGNETOMETER, we will not be able to point to the map. METAL DETECT is also done with the help of MAGNETOMETER. There are also some flip covers available in the market that can be used to automatically lock and unlock the screen of the phone. In fact, a small magnet
is used in these flip-cover shots. And when closing the cover, whenever this magnet comes close to the MAGNETOMETER of the phone, the phone is locked and the phone is unlocked as soon as the flip cover of the phone is opened.


This GYROSCOPE has been made by improving ACCELEROMETER. GYROSCOPE provides detailed information on how the phone is located. This sensor can be found in almost every phone that is currently on the market. This sensor is useful for playing different games. This sensor is also very useful for taking 360-degree pictures. These sensors are also especially needed for playing virtual reality games or watching virtual reality videos.
PROXIMITY SENSOR is usually used on the outside of the phone. This sensor is used to determine how far an object is from the phone. Also, when we call someone if we cover our hands or any object with the cut-out of the sensor at the top of the phone, then the screen light of the phone is turned off and the screen light comes on again as soon as we remove the hand. And all this is for its PROXIMITY SENSOR. PROXIMITY SENSOR usually works with INFRARED RAY. In addition, different GESTURE CONTROL FEATURES can be created using multiple PROXIMITY SENSOR on the phone.
Like a normal barometer, the function of this sensor of the phone is to determine the air pressure in a particular place. As the air pressure decreases as we rise above sea level, we can use this barometer to determine how high we have risen above sea level. Also, with the help of this sensor, we can see the map and determine the height of the place.


Thermometers are present in almost all phones but they are usually placed inside the phone. With the help of this, we can measure the temperature inside the phone. Also, this internal thermometer can measure the temperature of different components inside the phone. But some phones also have thermometer sensors outside. With the help of this, we can also measure the temperature outside the phone.


The name of this sensor can be understood from its function. The function of this sensor is to determine the humidity in the air around the phone. Besides, this sensor has no other function.


Pedometer has been made by making ACCELEROMETER in a more advanced way. The pedometer determines how far we have walked throughout the day. These sensors are usually found inexpensive phones. However, phones that have ACCELEROMETER can also be used to determine how far we have walked throughout the day.


Almost everyone knows the work of this sensor. Its main job is to collect fingerprints. This sensor can be used to lock and unlock the phone. In addition, all security-related tasks can be done with the help of this fingerprint sensor. Various phone companies also offer the ability to do some special work with fingerprint sensors. I hope you all understand these 10 types of sensors in mobile phones and their work.


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