Why the new ANDROID UPDATE does not always come to our phone?

   Whenever a new update to the ANDROID phone
arrives, we think that the update will come out on our phone as well, but after
waiting for months or years, we still do not get that update. But why is it so
late to get updates on the ANDROID PHONE? Today we shall know it in this blog

Why won't my Android update

   If we take good note, Google releases a new
update to ANDROID every year. And at first, Google makes that ANDROID OS for
their own phones. That is, for a Pixel or Nexus phone. And considering the
HARDWARE capabilities of these phones, Google OPTIMIZE the OPERATING SYSTEM
enough to make their phone run smoothly. Then the new OPERATING SYSTEMs are
given to third-party ANDROID PHONE MANUFACTURER without any further
OPTIMIZATION. And these companies don’t use STOCK ANDROID or Google’s Pure
ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM. They use  CUSTOM SKIN to make their own look. CUSTOM
SKIN means a screen that will show a different look covering the original
ANDROID. But that won’t be a problem with the original ANDROID. However, it
takes a long time to make this CUSTOM SKIN. It takes almost as long to build an

    And when Google gives
OPERATING SYSTEM updates to their phones at the same time, they also give the update to the third party ANDROID PHONE
manufacturers, so that the company can deliver the new OS UPDATE via OTA UPDATE
to their phones at the right time. And then the companies take the updates and
CUSTOMIZE it depending on their own phones. And for these reasons, we get the
ANDROID UPDATE too late on our phones. And in most cases, these updates are
only available on the company’s FLAGSHIP MODEL.

   However, that does
not mean that they don’t try to update their cheap phones. However, in most
cases, the phone’s hardware becomes a major problem. That’s why only one update
comes to the budget phones of a third-party Android phone manufacturer.

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