4 Reasons Why Chinese Phones Are Cheap?

we go to buy a phone, the first thing that comes to our mind is the phone
company. And when we think of the company of this phone, we notice that the
phones of some companies are quite expensive and the phones of some companies
are quite cheap. In most cases the cheapest phone companies are Chinese. But
all the details of these cheap and expensive phones remain the same. Then a
question comes to our mind, Why are the phones so different in price
despite being the same?

Why Chinese Phones Are Cheap?

are roughly four differences between these expensive and low-cost companies.

1) Research and Development: Big companies spend crores of
rupees every year on their research and development. And through this research
and development, they create new technologies. But small companies, on the
other hand, do not incur such costs. Sometimes we see that it costs only 300
$ to make an iPhone. So why is it so expensive? In fact, this 300$ is just the
price of the various parts used inside the iPhone. But it is never said how
much money was spent to make those parts. And the average buyer thinks that the
company is willing to sell their phone at a higher price. On the other hand,
there is no such thing as research and development in small companies. They
bring together the components that are already available in the market by
manufacturing them together. Only the design of their phone is their own.

2) Marketing: The day after the release of
the phone the big companies, their advertisement can be seen through almost
every advertisement media. They even launch their phones with great pomp. But
on the other hand, small Chinese companies do not do that. When their phone is
launched, their advertisement is not seen in an advertisement. Only their
website and the website on which they will sell their phone can be seen. But
now some Chinese companies are advertising them through some advertisements.

3) Strategy: Each of the expensive phone
companies is an established company. So no matter how expensive their phones
are, the phones of these companies will be sold. Another reason is that people
rely on expensive phone companies. So they can make the price higher. But on
the other hand, these Chinese companies are new to the market now. They want to
build trust in people’s minds. So these companies want to bring good phones at
low prices.

4) Company Size: Companies that sell phones at higher
prices have to pay higher salaries to their employees. They also have a lot of
showrooms all over the world that cost a lot to manage. And all these costs are
raised through the phone of the phone company.

     But one more thing to note is that not every phone company makes phones themselves. They
make a phone with components from different companies. In the end, one of the
main components used in the phones of these companies is the same, but there
are thousands of other small components that help the phone to run properly for a
long time. And those components are used as well as possible in inexpensive

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