How RAM works

    What is RAM? How important is RAM for
mobile or computer? Sometimes we think about the right amount of RAM we need for
our mobile phones or computers. But we often do not know the answer or the
answer we get is not correct. And the even bigger problem is that as the new software
is coming to the market nowadays, the size of them is slowly increasing and due
to their increasing size we need a lot of RAM sticks when we want to use that software on mobile or computer. And if we don’t have RAM on our mobile or
computer, we can’t use that software.
      Today’s blog will tell you exactly how much RAM is needed on a computer or mobile phone
and how RAM works.


    First of all, we
need to know what is the full form of RAM? We call RAM Random
Access Memory
. But nothing can be understood by this. So now let’s have a
real-life example to understand what this RAM is. Suppose you work in an office
and every day you need a file for your work. It turns out that those files are
kept in another cell. So whenever you need those files for work, you get up and
bring those files and work on your table. But suddenly you have a job that
requires a lot of files. In that case, you go to the cell and bring in as many
files as you need. If your work table is large, you can bring in many files at
a time, and you can work with the files from that location if needed. And when
your work is done in the afternoon, you will leave those files again and leave
your home.
works well this way on a mobile phone or computer. If we hold the cell in your
office where the files are stored, as the phone’s internal memory, and your
work table as RAM, we can easily understand this example. RAM is extremely fast
compared to memory, ordinary memory card or internal storage or hard disk.
And that’s why it costs a few times more than what a normal memory card costs
to create that same amount of RAM. And for this reason, the price of RAM
cannot be compared to a memory card. RAM’s job is to supply the required files
to the phone or computer processor very quickly.
    Let’s take a brief
look at how RAM works. Suppose you have any software or game installed on your
phone or computer. Then when you open the game or that software, a copy of that
software or game will go directly to the RAM from the internal storage of your
phone or your computer. That means we can know that if our computer or phone
has more RAM then we can run more software simultaneously, which means that we
will have the advantage of multitasking. If you have low RAM on your computer
or your phone, then you may notice that when running two or three software
simultaneously, when you start another software, then any previous software
will be closed. Because of the lack of RAM for the new software, the processor
automatically closes any previous software so that the new program can enter
the RAM. And as a result, when you want to restart the closed software again,
it takes a while to get started. This is why it is said that more RAM is
convenient for multitasking.
    How much RAM is needed?
Currently standing in 2019, we must say
that a smartphone needs at least 4GB of RAM. Because of the way smartphones are
improving day by day, as well as the size of the software available on the
smartphone if the size of the RAM is low on your phone, then you will have a
lot of difficulty in a few years. We can increase the RAM later on a computer
or a laptop, but later on a smartphone, the RAM cannot be increased in any way.
Even though there are 12 GB of RAM smartphones in the market now, an average
consumer will never need such a large amount of RAM. But if you are doing a lot
of multitasking then this kind of phone may be what you need.
     There are
many of software on the Internet that will take some of your phone’s internal
storage and connect it to your RAM to increase the RAM. This is only
theoretically possible practically impossible. Because it has been said a
little while ago that RAM is a very fast memory. It’s much faster than a simple
memory card or internal storage on a hard disk. For that reason, turning your
phone’s internal storage into RAM will not work. Instead, your phone will be
slower. Even the Windows operating system has a facility where you can use Pen
drive as RAM. But here comes the same question, can a drive will be as fast as
RAM? Of course not. These are only temporary solutions.
Speed ​​of RAM?
When we look at different mobile phones, it
is seen that not all phones have RAM working at the same speed. Many times it
is also seen that a phone with 3 GB of RAM is faster than another phone with 4
GB of RAM. Because not all Ram’s speed is equal. According to the speed of the
RAM, RAM is divided into different categories DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 etc.
Different speeds of RAM are available in this category. DDR4 RAM’s speed is
higher than DDR2 and DDR3. For this reason, take as much RAM as you can with
your phone. Because there is no loss, but later on when the number of software
increases, you will have the advantage of working.

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