This is the first time in the history of games that now you can play all the high-end PC and console games like Pubg, Witcher 3, Battlefield 5, Doom, and Shadow of The Tomb Raider in high-end 60fps on your smartphone and even on your TV in 4K 60fps without any PC and console even without buying any hardware but how this is possible so let’s know that.

   Till now if you want to play high-end games then you have to buy a high-end graphics card, processors, high-end PC or high-end gaming laptops or high-end consoles. But now the game will be changed. Because Google is launching the “Stadia”. This is a game streaming service. On Netflix or Amazon Prime video, you can view movies. The movies are not stored on your phone or on your computer. They are stored on any other server. You just have to get a strong internet connection and you can watch them from anywhere in the world. Like that in “Stadia”, there will be games that will run on any other powerful platform which is situated far from your PC or from your mobile device or your internet-enabled Smart TV, you just have to connect your device with a strong internet connection and you can control the game from your device, even you don’t have to download the games. You can also stream the game directly on youtube. The integration will be top quality. Even you can play the games directly from youtube. The Google Stadia service will be launched in the last of 2019 in Europe, Canada, the US, UK. But Indian gamers will be so sorry as there is not any hope of launching this service in 2019 but it will definitely launch.

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