Different classes of
memory cards

       These days, every time you go to buy a
memory card, you must have thought of the memory card price at least once. This
is the thought when you look at the memory card price of the same capacity is
completely different. But what is the difference between the two memory card
prices of the same capacity, and which memory card is right for our work?

Different classes of memory cards

       There are usually three
types of memory cards 1) Micro SD card 2) Full-size HD card 1) Mini SD card.
 These memory cards are made up of three different
technologies: 1) SD, 2) SDHC, and 3) SDXC.
technology that first came up was SD (Secure Digital) technology. Up to 4GB of
memory cards can be created with this technology. Then gradually, as the demand
for data increases, the use of this technology gradually fades.
   Then comes SDHC (Secure Digital High
Capacity) technology, which can create up to 32 GB of memory card. But here,
again as the demand for data gradually increases, the use of this technology
gradually fades.
   Scientists then discover SDXC (Secure
Digital Extended Capacity) technology. With which up to 2 TB memory card can be
created. Although 2 TB memory cards have not yet come on the market, it is
possible to do so with the help of this technology.
SDUC (Secure Digital Ultra Capacity) technology was invented in recent years.
With the help of which up to 128 TB of memory card can be created.
classes that are in the memory cards are selected based on their speed. As a
result, there are a total of 7 types of classes on the memory card. 1) Class 2,
2) Class 4, 3) Class 6, 4) Class 10, 5) UHS 1, 6) UHS 2, 7) UHS 3
card class
                                             Write speed                          
                             2                               –                   UP TO 2 MB / Second
                                4                               –                   UP TO 4 MB / Second
                                6                               –                   UP TO 6 MB / Second
                                10                             –                   UP TO 10 MB / Second
                               UHS 1                       –                   UP TO
30 MB / Second
                               UHS 2                       –                  UP TO
60 MB / Second
                               UHS 3                       –                  UP TO 90 MB / Second
even after knowing so much, we still need to know which card is right for our
day-to-day work. If you want to use a memory card on the phone to store only
the media, then the Class4 memory card will be perfect for you. But if you want
to record high-definition video on the phone and save it on the memory card, then
you should get a Class 10 memory card.
if your phone has the advantage of 4K recording and you want to record 4K on
your phone’s memory card, then of course you have to take any UHS Class card.
Otherwise, the frame drop may be seen in the video.

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