What is Search Engine

   A search engine is a
program that looks through its database for the information or keyword that
matches the request you searched. The information is about the websites and
their contents. Basically, a search engine won’t have its own data, it collects
data from other websites and when we search for any keyword or any request, it
matches the data from its server and displays us. Now a day the most popular
search engine in the market is “Google”, there are lots of other search engines
available on the internet, but they are not as popular as Google. Some popular
worldwide search engines are “Yahoo”, “Bing”, “Duckduck Go” etc. India also
has some search engines like “Jadoo”, “Khoj”, “I love India” etc.

Search Engine

exhaustivity and   Term specificity
, these two parameters are used to measure the effectiveness of the
website. In indexing the website, the web documents are characterized by the recall. This function can be done either manually or automatically.

     There are some methods in automatic indexing, they are single-term indexing, theoretical and probabilistic methods as well as statistical methods. In addition to this, automatic indexing uses linguistic
and multi-term or phase indexing.

    Since the internet is a vast collection of
information, it is difficult to find specific information actually need. Therefore,
the search in a web browser, such as “Google Chrome”, “Mozilla Firefox”, “Microsoft
Edge” etc. They provide easy access to a special facility called a search
engine. Search engines scan the whole  Internet for the words or topics or keywords you are searching for. The web crawler is also a program that crawls through the web and
collects data from websites. This information is saved into the database
of a search engine. Worms, robots, and spiders are also some types of crawlers.

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