10 Smart-phone Features will Die Very Soon

brands are taking some vital steps to offer their customers a unique design,
better look, and better performance and to differentiate every model of their
smartphones from other brands. And what they have to do to get rid of these
features like removing the traditional headphone jack with a 3.5 mm input plug, and removing the fingerprint scanner with a face id. Like these features, there are
also much more features that will definitely go from your smartphone to your smartphone very soon. Today we have listed 10 of them.

10 Smart-phone Features will Die Very Soon

Here is a list of 10 Smart-phone Features that will Die Very Soon

Fingerprint Scanner: It seems that the fingerprint scanner may soon disappear from your
smartphone and the face id will take its place. Apple has already done this
in their phones iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS Max. they removed the fingerprint
completely from these phones. But the other Android manufacturers put the face
id as well as the fingerprint system. You will be disappointed because about
80% of Android manufacturers use the front camera of the smartphone for
the face id.

The 3.5 mm Headphone jack: The traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack has already been
removed from some major brands, they are Apple, Google, Essential, Huawei, HTC,
Lenovo/Moto, Nokia, Oneplus, Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony and some other major brands.

The Sim Card Slot: All the 2018 iPhones already come out with e-sim technology. It seems
that android manufacturers will definitely do the same in the next couple of
months. With this technology, there will not be any physical sim card. In India, only
JIO and Airtel have this e-sim technology. The other network providers will
definitely do the same in the next couple of months.

Micro Sd Card: Smartphone manufacturers trying to provide more internal storage. Because somewhere
the micro sd card affects the speed of the phone. But the storage the phone
manufacturers provide is much faster than the sd card. So, they are trying to
provide up to 512 GB of internal storage depending on the price. For this reason, there is a strong possibility that the micro-sd card slot may die very soon. Apple
never provides any MicroSD card slot to their phones for this reason.

Traditional Mobile Charger: nowadays the traditional charging system is an old
fashion as the wireless charging system is implemented in smartphones. Though
this charging system is invented a long time ago, providing it on a
smartphone is new. The day is coming soon when people should not have to carry
their charging adapters with a cable because every place, there will be a
charging pad.

Speaker: The speakers may also be removed from the phone because the technology is
available where the display of the phone can produce sounds. A great example
of this technology is VIVO Nex. In this smartphone, the display can emit sound.
Based on it we can say that future smartphones will definitely come with
this type of display, where we don’t need a separate speaker.

Main Camera With Single lens: The smartphone is rapidly changing from single-lens smartphones to dual or triple or
Penta (Rumor With Nokia 9) lens smartphones. The lenses are not for fashion,
they are actually placed for some extra effect in the photo or video. Huawei,
LG and Samsung have already launched their phones with a triple cameras.

Traditional Shape Of Smart-phone: It seems that we will enter the era of foldable phones. But
wait a minute, these will not be like the foldable phone that was released in 2004
or earlier. Companies like LG, Samsung, and Xiaomi are trying to make some display
that is foldable. And they got success too. Graphene is being used to make
such kind displays

Volume button: The volume button may disappear soon. Because
phone manufacturers invented some gesture features which can be placed on the
side of the phone that will behave like volume buttons. Xperia XZ3 have this
type of side gesture feature. Which can be used for volume control in the next few

  E Ear Piece Speaker: In point number 6 we have already mentioned the display that can
emit sound. If we can use it properly, then we can also replace the front
earpiece with the traditional speaker. This type of technology is used in the
Xiaomi MI Mix smartphones.


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