You Can Save Around Rs.15,000 Every Year Using Electric Scooter

The price of petrol is increasing. Though it is increasing slowly it is increasing.
When we come to petrol the price is about Rs. 95 to 110 per litre. And it is quite
difficult for the middle class to continue the ride if they have a scooter or a
bike. A normal user who uses an automatic scooter for his/ her daily
communication needs can save around Rs. 15,000/- per year if he/ she uses an
electric scooter. Let me explain it.

Electric Scooter

   If you use your scooter at about 40 K.M. for
daily communication in a metro city except for Sunday, then the total distance that
you cover in a whole year will be about 12,500 kilometres. Average petrol-powered scooters have a mileage of around 40-50 KMPL. It means your scooter
needs around 250-litre petrol every year which will cost between Rs. 21,000
to 25,000( calculated with current petrol prices).

   Now if we come with the electric scooter
then the average cost will be Rs. 10 for 70 kilometres. The fuel cost of an electric scooter will be
around 1800 to 200 per year.
  The most modern electric scooter comes
with a lead-acid battery with at least 2 years of warranty on the battery. The
fuel cost of the electric scooter will be less when the scooter
manufacturers will use a lithium-ion battery instead of a lead-acid battery.
You should not worry about if your battery fails after the warranty?
Because the lead-acid battery is made by the best brands at least run 5-6
years. After that, the cost will be around 11,000 to 17,000 for the battery to

   In the case of the lithium-ion battery, the cost
will be higher about 35,00 for the battery replacement including the government
taxes. But you will be glad to know that this battery will live longer than the
lead-acid battery. And companies also provide a long period of warranty for the
lithium-ion powered scooters.

   Now, you can clearly see that the running
cost of an electric scooter in a year will be around Rs. 13,000 to 17,000 lesser
than a petrol-powered scooter. That means you can save about 15,000 Rs. in a
year. And it will also save the environment.

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