Top 5 Tech Myths

   At present, technology is
moving very fast and at the same time, there are a lot of misconceptions and a
lot of misconceptions about technology. Today in the blog we will learn about
some of the misconceptions about technology.
   Top 5 Tech Myths

1. Chargers should always be used that is given with
mobile phones:
 This misconception is not the case today. This
misconception has been going on for many years now. Many people say that the
phone should be charged all the time with the original charger provided with
the mobile phone but this is absolutely wrong. You can charge with any mobile
charger from the market. And it won’t hurt your mobile phone. However, note
that the charger that you charge your phone with, the output voltage should
match with the original charger of your mobile. Otherwise, if the voltage is
low then the phone will not be charged. And if the voltage is higher then the
phone will have internal damage. In this case, the ampere of the charger has no
role to play. If the charger’s ampere is high and the fast charging feature is
present on that phone then the phone will charge very fast. And if that phone
doesn’t have a fast charging feature then the phone will be at its normal speed.
2. Deleted files can never be found
This misconception has been going on for
many years now. This was a misconception even when there was no smartphone.
Even now, with the advent of smartphones, this misconception still persists in
many. We think that once we delete a file from a smartphone or a computer, it
is no longer available. However, on the computer, there is an option called
Recycle Bin, from which we can retrieve any deleted files. But a mobile phone
has no recycled bin option. As a result, mobile users feel that if they have
deleted a file by mistake, it is not possible to retrieve it. If you delete a
file from your phone or from your computer’s Recycle Bin, no more files should
be stored at that moment. That means you have to leave the phone or computer in
the state after deletion and fetch those files through file recovery software.
There are many file recovery software in the market that can be easily used to
recover deleted files.
3. More megapixels means better
Many people think that the higher the
megapixel of a smartphone camera, the better the camera’s image. This is not
entirely wrong. This is true only when the camera is within 8 to 10 megapixels.
After that, the megapixel boost you get is not as good as the camera picture.
If you compare a 20-megapixel smartphone camera with a ten-megapixel DSLR
camera, you can easily see that the DSLR camera picture is much better than a
smartphone camera. Because the output of the image does not depend on the
camera resolution alone. The output of a picture depends on how good the camera
lens is, how much the lens aperture, is the sensor size, how optimized the image
processing software is, and how good the image processor is.
      Currently, 40 megapixels, even a 60-megapixel smartphone camera has come out. But their
pictures are not that good in comparison.
4. Apple’s Computer Never got attacked by Virus: This is a word you often hear from people who use Apple’s Mac or
MacBook. But this is totally wrong. Even if you go to Apple’s showroom, the seller
there will also tell you that Apple’s computer does not have a virus to sell
Apple’s computer. But the fact is that Apple’s computer also got attacked by
viruses. But it is much less than the Windows operating system. Because a
hacker or a programmer who creates a virus will choose the operating system
that many people use. As a result, the more he can spread the virus, the more
he will benefit. And the virus doesn’t come to Apple’s computer because Apple’s
computer is used by very few people.
5. Using Incognito Mode to Use
the Internet Safely:
Many people think that by using Incognito mode, no one will know what they are searching for on the Internet.
It is totally a misconception that by using incognito mode, your browser will not
only keep your search history but automatically save any password, etc. This does
not mean that you can browse any website unintentionally.

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