TV Vs Monitor

TV Vs Monitor

today, ten years ago, if we used to connect a normal TV to a computer, it was
almost impossible because a TV was running through the antenna or going through
the coaxial cable. On the other hand, the computer display was running via VGA
cable. And even if you could connect to a computer with a normal TV, then its
picture would have been very disgusting. But now this problem is almost
nonetheless. Because now almost all TVs and monitors have become similar. In
other words, they are thin, with LCDs or LED panels coming in with them. Their
input is as if we have got HDMI or display port. For this, we can now easily
connect to a computer with a computer. But after connecting the computer to the
computer, the quality of the picture becomes very bad. But at present, the very
common difference between TV and Monitor is their size.
if we want to add a cable set-top box to a beautiful 4K monitor or to add a
sixty-inch TV with a beautiful gaming computer, should we think before that?

of all, we have to know that two different types of technologies, i.e. TV
technology and monitor technology, are used for two different purposes. If we
look at the monitor then we can understand that the monitor is used only for
specific purposes such as playing games, video editing, photo editing, graphic
design etc. Monitor response time is very low, such as five milliseconds four
milliseconds and even one-millisecond gaming monitors are in the market. Also, the monitor is used to show the correct colour or accurate colour. If we see the
monitor’s refresh rate, then we can see that the monitor is usually 60 Hz or 75
Hz, 144 Hz or 240 Hz.

    On the other hand, if we look at the TV, then we can understand that a TV is used
only to show eye-catching images. That is, the TV is used to show all the
pictures which are very pleasant to our eyes and draw attention to us. The
response time of the TV is about 10 times more than the monitor. If we look at
the high-end TVs on the market, we can see that the response time is about 42
or 45 milliseconds. But the TV has a refreshing rate of around 400 Hz. Although
it is not through the hardware. It is made in duplicate through the software so
that the image is appealing or looks beautiful.
you want to play a storytelling game then you can play it on the big screen on the
TV. But if you want to play competitive online games then you must use a
monitor. Because the monitor’s response time is very low and if you want to
play competitive games on a TV where the response time is too much, then you
will not be able to know when you will be attacked from where.

we find adaptive refresh rate technology such as Free Sync or G Sync
which prevents screen tearing, it will only be available on the monitor,
not on the TV.
after all this, there are several advances in TV. For example, if you want
to see new technology like Oled or Quantum dot technology, then
you must definitely take a TV. Because they did not come to the monitor. Even
though there are very few monitors where Oled Technologies has been used. The
Oled Display produces high contrast colour, which cannot be created with a
backlit display such as IPS or TN panels which are used on computer monitors.

after all things, it is a real need to know that if you need speed, colour accuracy
etc. then you must take a computer monitor. On the other hand, if you need a big
size, high contrast ratio, and cinematic look, then you must take a TV.

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