Wi-Fi Security

At present Wi-Fi has become a very
important wireless communication medium, and its maintenance has also become
important. Because through this Wi-Fi we usually run the Internet system, but
there are more important things that we do through Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Security

    However, through Wi-Fi, we cannot transfer electricity from one place to
another, through this we can only move data from one place to another. Since it
works through wireless, there is a possibility of hacking here. And for that, we
have to know how we can protect the Wi-Fi device from being hacked. When Wi
first started, its security system was named WEP or Wired Equivalent Privacy.
This security encryption was
64 bits, and it started around 15 to 17 years ago when it was easy to hack
this encryption, resulting in large amounts of data loss. At this
time, the computer could easily detect the correct password by using different
algorithms and the Wi
Fi security could be broken. Then in 2006, the WiFi Alliance Committee brought a new security update
called WPA or Wi-Fi Protected Access. This encryption system was much
safer than the previous WEP system. But it was a lot of noise to launch. Each
Wi-Fi router company was given this update and they started sending updates to
their Wi-Fi router, which was already in the market, and due to some mistakes
in this update, the Wi-Fi router may not be properly updated. This results in
no new updates and the Wi
Fi router starts getting hacked as before. Next
comes a further update of WPA, named WPA2 / AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).
However, this encryption was very powerful and it was almost impossible to hack

   So if you have a WPA2 / AES option on your Wifi
Router, then there is no reason to worry about your Wi
Fi the router can be called a hackproof in one direction. However, not only will
your Wi
Fi Router be able to be hackproof. Your phone must also create a hack-proof
and it depends on your general knowledge. Should not be connected to any Wi
anywhere, if that Wi
Fi network team is not a known person.

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