is Rooting? What is the profit? What’s the loss? Today’s blog is about
these things. The first thing is that the term rooting we usually use for
Android. In the case of iOS, this thing is called Jail Break. The common
meaning of rooting is the bottom or part of the root or something where its
main parts are stored. When you root your phone, you can take control of your
phone in your hand.
is what the rooting is doing. Now let us know about the profit and loss of rooting.

What is Rooting

1).  Your phone will not have any warranty when you
route your phone. Not all companies do that. However, major companies such as
Samsung, HTC, LG, SONY and others companies end up warranty on their phone.
After that, if there is any problem with the phone then it is not their duty. On
the other hand, companies like Xiaomi or Oneplus have unanimously endorsed
Rooting. So if you root the phone to Xiaomi or Oneplus, then you will not face
any problems from the company.

2).  If you make a mistake while doing the root,
your phone will not be used for anything except a paperweight. You can do
everything by hand on the phone but cannot do it by hand. Although such
types of problems
can be fixed. However, a common mobile user cannot easily fix it.
    Actually rooting
methods are very easy but we become nervous while rooting our phone or do not
follow the whole process correctly and do not forget to do anything wrong and
later it has to be repaid.
3). When you
root the phone, then you ruin your phone’s security and on one hand. Because of
the root,  the security shield of Android
is damaged. As a result, if there is malicious software installed on your
phone then they could not harm your phone anymore due to the Android Shield.
But now they will harm their minds
as well and the hacker who
made the malicious software can take control of your phone.

4). Rooting
methods are not always available for the latest Android. Sometimes we have to
wait because the process of routing is done with some special examinations. If
there is a flaw in the version of the Android version, then the method of
making the root using it is made. If you root the phone with it, you will not
get an update from the company. You need to install a custom ROM manually.
    If you do not care about these lockers,
then let’s learn about the benefits of routing. If you root your phone, then
you can do anything with your phone. Anything means anything.
   If you open the Play Store, you will see
that there are so many applications that will run only on the rooted phone. And
those applications are very profitable.

1). After the root, you can increase the speed of
your phone or reduce the speed, run the battery for a long time and do even

2). You can delete an inbuilt application that
does not need on your phone. Many times these useless applications
use lots of space on our phones. And we cannot install our
preferred application.

3). Some low-end phones have very little internal
storage, such as 4GB or 8GB. In such a situation, after installing a few
applications or games, the phone’s storage is admissible. Although some amount
of data is available to transfer to your memory card, it is not as profitable.
In this case, if you root the phone, there are lots of applications in the Playstore that will allow you to turn your phone’s memory card into internal
storage. But for that, you have to use a high-speed memory card. Even though
Google’s next version of Android Marshmallow is available from this feature.
But phone companies often stop this feature for their own convenience.

4). You can change your phone’s layout of
custom-made custom ROMs completely.

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