Why my Internet is Slow

We can never be satisfied with the speed of
our internet. It can be broadband internet or mobile internet. It seems we cannot
get the package we bought from the company. Suppose you bought 40 megabits per
second package from your broadband or mobile internet service provider, but you
are not getting the speed accordingly. What could be the reason for this? Let’s
discuss the bellow
why my internet is SLOW

Reason 1

The internet service provider companies give
you the right speed they said. That means if they want to provide data at 40 Mb
per second speed, they must try to keep that speed alive. But the real problem
is that when we measure through different software on our computers. Our
computer software always measures the speed of the internet in Megabytes per second.
But on the other hand, our Internet service providers offer speed in Mbps. So
now we need to know what the relationship between this Megabit and Megabyte is.
Below the relationship is provided
1 MB (1 MB) = 8Mb (8Mb)
1 MB / sec (1MBps) = 8 Mbit / s (8Mbps)

 Reason 2

Another big reason is that the server’s power
of each website is not equal. If the server of a website is very slow, even if
you have fast internet access, you will never get much speed when downloading
a document from that website. On the other hand, the server’s power of another
website is really very good, if you download a document from that website you
can download it very quickly.
 Reason 3
Wireless Internet service has become a major
problem in reducing speed. Because there is an overwhelming amount of wireless
internet or mobile internet users in a particular area, there is a lot of
pressure on the service provider mobile towers in the area.
If there is a large number of users
coming under that tower, the amount of Internet speed will be reduced to a
certain amount of mobile Internet service provider towers. For this reason, in
many cases, there are 4G internet packs on the mobile, but still, the internet
speed of the mobile is much less.
 These three are the reasons for the low
Internet speed.

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