Two people are standing side by side and
they have a mobile phones. One of them has a dual-core processor on the mobile
phone and the other one has a quad-core processor on another mobile phone.
Normally the second person, who has a quad-core processor mobile phone, thinks
that his phone is stronger, but, is it true?

How to choose a right CPU

First of all, we will know the names of
some companies that make mobile processors.
1 Qualcomm
 2 Mediatek
 3 Samsung
 4 Huawei
5 Apple
 and several years ago, Xiaomi announced bringing their own processor, but there was no further news about
it. However, these companies cannot completely create a processor themselves.
The first thing you need to do to create their processors is the processor’s
architecture, which is given by a company named ARM.
But when we buy a phone, we usually do not
focus on these things, only to see if the phone heated up during use, whether
the phone hangs or not, how long the battery of the phone can back up, etc.
These things are somehow connected to the phone’s processor. And whenever
we compare a phone processor to another phone processor, we are often able to
compare the number of their core or their speed. And in such a way, we have
made a lot of different mistakes and we buy a phone that is not needed us.
 When choosing a phone processor, we
need to focus on four things that are minimized
A little earlier it has been said that a company
named ARM provides the architecture to other processor manufacturers by
licensing. The ARM architecture that is being built has been progressing
gradually year after year, that is, the architecture that has been created
seven to eight years ago, the current architecture must have been very
advanced. If we look at ARM’s earliest architectures, their names were Cortex
A5; Cortex A7; Cortex A9. By gradually improving, they are now able to create
architectures such as the Cortex A72 and Cortex A75 which are very advanced and
power-efficient. According to the name of the ARM, the number of architectures
will increase, and the architectures will improve.
In a processor, millions of small
transistors are fitted. As long as these transistors are smaller, the phone
processor will work well and be power-efficient. After getting the
architecture from ARM, the processor manufacturers made the right size of the
transistor in the processor by compiling it with their technology. The smallest
transistor currently on the market is seven nanometers. This technology is
available in a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. The smaller the transistor in
the processor, the lesser the power needed to do the work, i.e. the battery of
the phone will last longer.
Core count of processor
The processor will be able to calculate
more than one task if there are more cores. Because the processor’s job is only
to calculate. If a processor has eight cores but its technology is not as good,
but another processor has just 4 cores but its technology is very good then the processor
with four cores will win very easily in multi-core tasks.
The more core frequency a processor has,
the faster it can work at a specific time, i.e., if the frequency of a
processor is 2 GHz, that processor is faster than another processor whose
frequency is 1 GHz.

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