What is NFC in Mobile

have heard about the NFC at least once in some places. Maybe it’s from your
mobile packet or from an advertisement or from a friend. In today’s blog, we
will try to know what is NFC? Where is it used? How can it be used?

what is NFC

     NFC means Near Field Communication. It
is a technology capable of communicating between two wireless devices at very
short distances. For a short distance meant to be roughly between two to three
inches, or the device may hang on completely. And when these wireless devices
connect through the NFCs inside them, their speed is very fast and it works out
immediately. Also, the need for energy is very low for such communication. It
is very easy to use such a communications system.
we see any kind of communication system then there is an essential need for an antenna. Similarly, in the case of NFC, an antenna must be required. It is
sometimes seen attached to the phone’s battery and sometimes it is with the
back cover of the phone or it is also seen beside the front camera. These
antennas can send some information to other devices or take some information
from other devices themselves. In this case, it is necessary to know that
wherever the NFC antenna is located, there must be signs of NFC. It can be in
any case, ie, in the case of mobile phones or in Bluetooth speakers or cameras
or any other wireless device where NFC has been used.
Now we will take a look at some of NFC’s
uses that can make our everyday life easier.
1. Data transfer: – Suppose you have two phones that have NFC. In such a situation, if
you want to transfer data from one phone to another, then only you will have to
turn on the NFC of two phones and it will establish an automatic connection between
the two phones whenever the antenna is nearby. Some years ago, when we used
Bluetooth, we had to connect to two devices after searching on Bluetooth, and then
after connecting. But after the NFC came, the problem is no longer ther
e. As a result, we can easily send data from one wireless device to
another wireless device. It can be in the case of phones or any other wireless
2. Pairing: – Another notable use of NFC is pairing within two wireless devices.
Such a Bluetooth Speaker or Bluetooth headphones or any other electronic
gadget has such a system. When we did not have NFC, we had to
turn on
Bluetooth on our mobile phone and Bluetooth speaker, and the Bluetooth speaker
would have to go through the mobile settings. After that, it had to be connected
and after that, the Bluetooth speaker started working. In such a situation, this
system is much more complex for a common user. But NFC has solved the issue. After
coming to this technology, almost every Bluetooth device is using this
technology so that everything gets easier for the user. If you have an NFC
Bluetooth speaker, then you can connect with the speakers on your phone’s
Bluetooth on-the-go automatically if you take the NFC on your phone to the NFC
antenna on the Bluetooth speaker.
3. Mobile payment: – Another significant use of NFC is the wireless payment system.
Currently, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay this type of wireless payment system that is very popular and they all work with NFC, i.e. if you have NFC on your phone you can use these features.
  Many times when we
go outside to buy various accessories and we can see that there is a card Swipe
Terminal where we can give money directly to our credit card or debit card to
the shopkeeper, we do not have to carry cash with us. But now the swipe terminal
machines are coming to NFC installed, i.e. if you save your credit card or debit
card information on your phone and if you have NFC on your phone then you can
send money to the shopkeeper on the NFC on the phone without
using a credit
card debit card. It really is a breakthrough discovery.
4. NFC Tag: – The NFC tag is a small device where you can save a small amount of
data. It may be some number or some
address or something, that is, very little. For example, let’s find out where
you are going in a hotel, and there is free Wi
Fi in the hotel but its password
can only be found in that hotel room. In such a situation, the hotel
authorities will have their Wi
system in every room by putting an NFC tag anywhere in the room. Whenever you
touch that tag through your phone’s NFC, it will automatically connect to the
Wi-Fi system of your phone.
5. NFC Business Card:-  Another notable use of NFC
is currently the NFC Business Card. This is a Visiting Card or Business Card in
which an NFC tag is installed and it contains the information of that business the owner of the company smallest information, and whenever someone touches the
NFC tag with the NFC, then automatically, on his phone
that information will come
in and he will easily find the company’s information.
These were the 5 important uses of the NFC
which make our daily life very easy.

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