A computer network is a group of computers that are connected together to share resources with each other. It is not mandatory to create a network only with cables, we can use wireless networks. A typical computer network consists of more than one computer
with associated peripherals, such as printers and plotters with special cables
connecting everything together.

Ø  When some autonomous computers are interconnected together and they can share and exchange information, then we can call this a network.

enable us to reduce both cost and time in transferring data and information
when they are networked. In a  network, computers
of different make can also be connected together and users can work together in
a group. Software packages have been developed for groups working in Database Management
System (DBMS) as well as graphical artworks. Also, data from different
departments located at distant places can be transferred to as well as stored
on a central computer. This data then can be accessed by the computers located
in different departments. The data available at the central computer can be accessed by all the users connected to the network. This method would prevent any
bottlenecks in the smooth functioning of the organization because all the users
will get the least information(for example, inventory) stored in the central computer.

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