FTP (File Transfer
FTP service allows an internet user to move a file
from one computer to another on the internet. A file may contain text documents,
images, artwork, movies, sound, software, etc.
          Moving a file
from a remote computer to another computer(One’s own computer) is known as
downloading the file and moving a file from one’s own computer to a remote computer is known as uploading the file.
          A user excludes
the FTP on his/her computer specifying the address of the remote computer as a
        An FTP process, which is running on the user’s computer also called (FTP client process) establishes. On the remote computer, where a connection with an FTP process running (called FTP server
         Then the user is prompted for a login name and password to ensure that the user is allowed to use the remote computer.
        When the login succeeds, the desired files are downloaded or uploaded using ‘get’
(used for downloading) and ‘put’ ( used for uploading) commands.
        An anonymous
FTP is a computer that allows users to log in with a user name of anonymous and
then a password i.e. the user’s email address for the purpose of sharing.

Telnet (Telecommunication
The telnet service allows an internet user to log in to another computer somewhere on the internet. To start a login session on a remote computer user can execute the telnet
command on his/her local computer.
This is called a remote login.

         Common uses of telnet services:
             (i). Using
the computing power of the remote computer. The local computer may be ordinary and the remote computer may be a powerful supercomputer.
            (ii). Using software on the remote computer which may not be available on the local

Accessing a remote computer’s database.

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