What is HDR?

    Whenever we turn on
the phone’s camera to snap a picture, we can notice there is an option in 

camera settings called HDR. A common user does not understand when this HDR
is useful?
What is HDR?

   HDR’s full name is High
Dynamic Range
. But before we know what this High Dynamic Range is,
we need to know what the Dynamic Range is. Suppose when you take a
picture with your phone or camera where some part is in the light and some part
is in the dark. In this case, usually, the area where there is darkness becomes
almost dark and where the light is, it looks very bright. That is, the lights
do not balance properly in the frame. And as a result, the image is absolutely
useless. It also means that the camera could not balance the light and darkness
in the frame and because of that, the picture became useless.

    If the HDR is turned on then the
camera will take 3 pictures at the same time. A normal one, where light and
dark parts are not well understood. The second picture it will take by the
camera where Exposer or Brightness will be the very least. So that the part of the
frame where the light is high can be seen better. And the third picture it will
take by the camera where Exposer or Brightness will be high enough. So that the
picture of the part of the frame where the light is low can be seen better. The
software then creates a beautiful picture combining these three pictures
together. As a result, the light will be properly balanced.
    But when should this HDR
be used?
When we are taking a picture where the light is coming directly from the
subject’s back to the camera. In this case, the camera’s image becomes
absolutely dark. If we turn on HDR this time, this darkness is quite a bit
dismissed. And the light is  well-balanced
in the whole frame.
HDR can also be used when taking pictures of any LANDSCAPE.

    Again there are situations where
HDR is not required.
We should not use HDR where the subject is moving. Because the camera
will take 3 consecutive pictures at this time. And this time if the camera
subject moves, the picture will be blurred.
Also, when the light is low in the frame, we should not use HDR because
there is not enough light, so the picture will be almost dark.
   We need to keep our hands fixed in one place
while taking HDR. Because there are 3 consecutive pictures taken, the
camera will be blurred if the camera moves when taking these pictures. In
addition, TRIPOD can also be used.

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