The reality of Gorilla

    This question comes to our mind
when we buy a new phone. If our phone has Gorilla Glass Protection then do we
need to buy a separate Tempered Glass Protection on the screen of our phone?

How strong is Gorilla Glass?

      First of all, we need
to know that the company that makes Gorilla Glass is Corning. This
company never says that the screen protectors they made are scratch-proof. They
only say that the glasses are scratch-resistant. This means that when using
your mobile phone, the phone screen will not easily be scratched. That does not
mean that the phone screen will not be scratched. For this, we first need to
know about the Hardness Scale called MOHS HARDNESS SCALE. Based on this scale,
the hardness of different objects is divided. And the hardness level of the
different objects is divided by different numbers between 0 and 10. Where 0
means the softest and 10 means the hardest. That is if you have an object with
a hardness of 4 and if you place a stain on it with an object with less than 4
hardness, then there will be no stain on it. But if you stain an object with
more than 4 hardness, then the object with that hardness will be damaged. For
example, iron hardness is greater than copper, so staining copper with iron
will cause stains on copper. But staining iron with copper will not cause

      The hardness of
Gorilla Glass as the MOHS HARDNESS SCALE is approx. 6.5. That is, an object
with a hardness of less than 6.5 will not have any stain on it. So what is the
probability that our mobile screen will be scratched on daily use? Most
commonly we use metal at home, such as knives, scissors, etc. or sometimes we
leave the phone with coins or keys in our pockets. And sometimes we’re scared
if a scratch falls on the phone because of these. But we need to know that the
hardness of iron, copper, steel, and aluminium, of them is less than 6.5, so
the Gorilla glass will not be affected by these metals. However, with the
drill bit, the phone screen will easily get scratched. Because the drill bit is
made of masonry. The hardness of Masonry is 8.

    But one more thing is easily
found all around us, and with it, the phone gorilla glass can easily be
scratched. That is sand. There is a thing called Quartz found in sand and the
hardness of this quartz is around 7.5. So with the help of sand, the screen can
easily be scratched. Therefore, a screen protector must be installed on the
screen of the phone to prevent the phone from being scratched by sand. Whether it is a
phone worth Rs. 7000/- or a phone of Rs. 700000/- Also, the screen protector
saves a lot of screens if the phone falls out of our hands.
     I hope you understand
how tough Gorilla Glass is.

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