Learn about phone screens

we go to buy a phone we usually focus on the phone’s processor, internal
storage, RAM, GPU, BATTERY, CAMERA, etc. But an important part of the phone is
the screen of the phone. Which we don’t often pay attention to. Phone screens
are important because the screen is that thing which allow us to do all the functions
of the phone. And if we want to take a closer look at the screen, we can see
that there are many different types. And many times when we see this kind of
distortion, we are confused to choose the right screen for us. And that’s why we
often buy a phone with the wrong screen and then compromise. That is why in this
blog today we will discuss various screen technologies.

       The first thing to consider when choosing a phone screen is the size of the screen
and the pixel density or PPI. First of all, we will talk about the LCD display.
Because LCD technologies are the first to be discovered.

Everything you need to know about Smartphone Displays

LCD Display:– This technology is very old, its full name is LIQUID CRYSTAL
DISPLAY. This technology was first used on computer monitors and TVs. But then
it started to be used on mobile phones, reducing its size. However, LCD
displays are not used directly on the phone and other monitors that are coming
on the market. Rather, they have been improved by making some modifications to
them. Such as TN PANEL, TFT PANEL, IPS PANEL, etc. OLED DISPLAY is also used by phones nowadays.

TN PANEL: – Such panels can be seen on low-end monitors and on low-end phones.
Its full name is TWISTED NEMATIC PANEL. Nowadays this type of display is
rarely used. Because it’s VIEWING ANGEL is absolute crap. COLOR REPRODUCTION is also not better. Even these types of displays are quite thick and consume more
power. For this reason, it would not be worthwhile to have a display with such

TFT PANEL: – The full name is THIN FILM TRANSISTOR. TFT PANEL is created by
improving the TN TANEL. However, it did not produce that good result but was
better than TN PANEL. It was also quite thick like the TN PANEL and POWER
CONSUMPTION was even higher.

IPS PANEL: – The full name is IN PLANE SWITCHING. If you want to get an LCD
display then IPS LCD is perfect. Because its VIEWING ANGEL is very good, it can
be seen up to about 178 degrees. Also, its COLOR REPRODUCTION is absolutely
NATURAL and absolutely correct. This type of display is made very thin, and the
mobile TOUCHPAD is included with the IPS PANEL when used on mobile. The phones
have been thinned out for this.

OLED Display: – TN PANELS, TFT PANELS, and IPS PANELS are all LCD displays, but there is
one more technology called OLED. The full name is ORGANIC LED. In the LCD DISPLAY,
the lights are illuminated separately behind the entire panel so that all
images on the screen are visible. This causes light to remain on the back of
the screen all the time. And that results in POWER CONSUMPTION even more. But on
the OLED display LED is used to make one pixel. As a result, the LED will be
lit when it is needed. This will lower POWER CONSUMPTION. Since each pixel is
made with a separate LED on the OLED display, the lights are turned off
completely when it is needed to look black. For this reason, the OLED display
has a very good CONTRAST RATIO.

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