The real truth of
Noise cancellation

have heard about the feature called Noise Cancellation on the phone, at least
once while buying a phone or after buying a phone or in any advertisement. But
we never thought about how this feature actually works. This feature is not
just on the phone itself. This feature is also offered on premium quality
headphones. The advantage of Noise Cancellation is that if you are standing in
a place where there is a lot of unnecessary noise around, then when there is
Noise Cancellation on the phone, the person on the other side of the phone will
not hear that unnecessary noise. When the phone first came on the market, this
noise cancellation was not present. However, as of now, most modern smartphones
have the advantage of noise cancellation. Similar benefits are also seen in Noise Cancellation headphones. However, in headphones that have no noise
cancellation feature, all the unnecessary noise is heard when listening to the
headphones. However, listening to music on headphones with the Noise
Consolation feature is almost unheard of unnecessary sound.

The real truth of Noise cancellation

     Before we know how Noise Cancellation works, we need to know about Noise. According to Sound
Expert, Noise is a kind of sound that doesn’t need us. For example, you are
talking on the phone with your friend at home and then it is raining outside. Here
the sound of that rain is Noise. Because it does not need us at that moment. On
the other hand, it can be said that any sound that does not need us is called

      Now let us know how
this Noise Cancellation works? We have read from an early age that sound flows
from one place to another through waves. When we talk on the phone, the
background sound is also mixed with our words, because at that time we talk
through the phone’s main microphone which records all the sounds clearly.
Another microphone is placed on the back or upper side of the phone to minimize
background noise. This microphone cannot record our words well but can record
all the background noise very nicely.

      This time with two
microphones, the sound is recorded in one of the two, the voice is quite clear and
in the other, the background sound is quite clear. Now where the sound of the background is recorded clearly, the correct decibel of the noise is measured
and the noise is removed from the voice by identifying the same decibel noise.
This is how the noise cancellation process is done. And all this process is
done through the aforementioned program.

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