Mobile users all
over the world definitely came across the word that is “SAR VALUE”. Maybe we have seen it on the box of the mobile phone or from any other place. So,
what is this “SAR VALUE”?

    In every phone, there is an antenna that is
used to receive or send signals from the cell towers. These antennas are also
used during Wi-Fi or Bluetooth usage. But which type of signals these antennas are used? Well, they use ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES for any type of communication. As
they are wireless signals, there are some losses when they are used. The
conflicts with the air and losses about 20% of its power. When we do lots of
work on our mobile phone through mobile data, the losses are more.

Absorption Rate (SAR).
That means the perfect rate that your body absorbs
during this signal loss. There are two different methods of measuring this
rate. One method is for HEAD and another one is for BODY. The Head is the most
important part of our body and when we receive a phone call, the phone directly
touches our head. So, a lower SAR value is selected for the head and as our
body is much bigger than the head the SAR value is not lower than the head one.

    There are different rules on SAR value all
over the world depending on the country. If any phone manufacturer has more
SAR value than the specific rate, then they can’t sell the phone in the market.
Because every phone is checked by the government before it is released in the
market. If you use your phone for less than one hour a day for phone calls, then
you should not be tense. But if you attend lots of calls, then please use
earphones. It will save you from the ELECTROMAGNETIC signal losses which are
absorbed by your body.

    The SAR value of mobile phones in India and the USA is 1.6 watts/KG and in the U.K. this is 2.0 watts/KG. It does not mean that Europe
accepts more radiation. These values can not be compared. Because the method of
measuring the SAR value is different.

But in practical cases, it does not matter so much. To understand this there is a graphical design is



In this image, there are two phones – A and
The SAR value of
mobile A is higher than mobile B. But this happens when your mobile signal is in its worst condition. That means when the network signal of these phones is
at its weakest point. When your network connectivity is low you have noticed
that your phone’s battery drains faster. Because your phone uses more power to catch
the signal properly. That’s why it also emits more ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES. But in
everyday use, there is not any problem with the signal.

    The signal strength also depends on the
network carrier company, whether the phone is 2G/3G/4G, how far you are from
the cell tower, how many obstacles are there around you etc.

    Amy be
the phone which has a higher SAR value emits less ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES (0.5) in
normal conditions and the phone which has a lower SAR value emits more
ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES (0.7) in normal condition. So, the actual amount of
radiation can’t be measured. Actually, the SAR value is the maximum amount of
radiation a mobile can emit.

    So, you don’t have to worry about it. If anyone
warns you about SAR value then probably he/she doesn’t properly know-how
actually, it works or he/she is trying to grab your attention.

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