Take Care of your Smartphone Battery

    The battery of mobile phones is the
most sensible part. Because it is the first element that starts damaging
quickly. If we notice other components of the mobile phone, they can last much
longer than the battery. The main reason for this is, when we charge or
discharge the battery, an electrical cycle generates inside the battery. And
every time we recharge and discharge the battery, it damages the CATHODE and
parts of the battery. After two or three years the battery of your
phone is damaged.


    Nowadays all mobile manufacturers are
making their phones with a non-user removable battery system. That means a
normal user is not able to replace the battery if it causes any damage or
something else. In this case, you have to go to the mobile service centre or the
mobile repair shop. You may take a risk using the hot air gun or your
sister’s hair drier. Because the front and the back of the phones are stacked
with synthetic glue they can be melted with heat [DON’T PUT YOUR PHONE ON
. This is also a strategy of the phone manufacturers to
make extra money.

    But you can last your mobile phone battery
loner by following these methods.

Charging habit is the most common issue where we take wrong
decisions. You should not discharge or charge the battery completely every day.
Because the charging cycle of the battery is about 800 to 1000 cycles. If you
drain your phone’s battery completely and then charge it up to 100%, the
battery completes a cycle. Every time the battery completes a cycle, the
charging cycle of the battery decreases. After the battery completes all the
charging cycles it can hold about 80% of the charge. You can do the complete
discharge and charge process twice or thrice a month. This creates a good
impact on your phone.

ii).  CHOOSE YOUR RIGHT CHARGER: In this case, if you get a lower Mah charger
with your phone and you want to charge faster with a high Mah charger, then you
can certainly do this. There will not be any problem. But keep in mind that the
output voltage is the same as your original charger. Because your phone will
accept the right value of current it needs. You can also use the fast charger with those
phones that do have not the facility of fast charging, but they will charge at their
normal rate.

iii). MYTH OF
We think that if we charge our phone for the whole night,
the battery will swell or it will blast. But wait a minute. This type of incident
occurred when the phone did not have the right charging protection circuit. But
all the phones coming in the past 10 years have all the charging protection
circuits. In this process when the charging is completed, the phone stops the charging
process automatically.

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