Network Components

    1.   Router: A router is a device that transfers data from one
network to another in an intelligent way. It forwards data packets from source
to destination by the most efficient route. The router has a micro-computer inside
it. This holds a table in memory that contains a list of all the networks it is
connected to, along with the latest information on 
at that moment how busy each path in the
network is.
 It is called a routing table.



    2.   Repeater:-A repeater is a device that operates only in the
physical layer Generally a repeater operates only in the physical layer. Signals that carry information within a network can travel a
fixed distance before the fades of the signal. A repeater receives a signal and 
regenerates the original bit pattern before it becomes too weak or corrupted,.
The repeater then sends the refreshed signal. with the help of a repeater, we can extend the physical
length of a LAN. It does not actually connect two different LANs, it connects
two segments of the same LAN.



    3.   Bridge: A bridge can operate in both the data link layer and the physical layer.
                       As a physical layer device, basically, it regenerates the signal it receives from any network.
As a data link layer device, the bridge the physical address(MAC-Media
Access                                  Control) contained in the frame.

   4.   Switch:We can have a two-layer switch or a three-layer switch.
                             there is a three-layer switch that is used at
the network layer, we can say, is a                                    kind 
of router.
The two-layer switch performs at the physical layer and data link layer.
A two-layer switch is a bridge.  With many ports, a 
bridge can allocate a unique port to each station.
                           The switch has multiple ports and can perform error checking before
forwarding data.

   5.   Gateway: Gateways are the device which converts data passing between dissimilar to communicate with each other. The Gateway is a mixture
of hardware and software. It operates at the top three layers of the OSI (Open
System Interconnection).

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